Women’s Programs

These programs are designed for women who want more confidence and to connect with their true self.


All programs are compassionately crafted to:

Help you create stronger self-belief, acceptance and awareness

Empower you to step up as a leader in your own life

Provide easy, actionable strategies for reducing stress & anxiety

Challenge cultural beauty ideals and recognise your beauty within

Current Programs

6 weeks to a calmer, stronger &
stress-free you!

Location: Online virtual meeting

About Program

RITUAL to RESET is a personalised 6 week program for creating emotional balance, reducing stress and improving energy levels.

Based on your unique situation and a specific challenge or focus, a movement & meditation program is created especially for you.

Your journey includes a 30 minute Ritual Design Private Consultation to explore your needs and goals, followed by an online guided live instruction of your Personalised Ritual.

You receive a downloadable video recording of your program to keep FOREVER!

Program Benefits

  • Overcome fear and self-doubt so you can embrace your full potential
  • Create calmness and clarity for optimal health and well-being
  • Clear emotional blocks to move beyond painful past experiences
  • Disconnect from negative thinking that may be causing anger, pain or self-sabotaging behaviour

Participant Testimonials:

  • The one-one-one session with Melissa was tailored to aspects of my personal journey and intentions I was determined to achieve. Melissa  paid attention to my intentions and suggested the most wonderful kriya and meditation. Apart from the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits from this practice, I also noticed a distinct change in my breath work in my singing. I’ve been performing and teaching vocals for many years and found the mediation to assist with deep breath support, increasing my breath capacity, isolating lower abdominal muscles to aid support on long, still, straight notes in my mid and lower registers. All round, Kundalini has been an energising, fulfilling, creatively enhancing, spiritually amplifying and magnetic practice. I am looking forward to my next video session with Melissa who is a wonderful practitioner, teacher, communicator and inspiration.

    Nilusha, New York City/USA
  • It was truly a privilege to participate in this Kundalini practice designed just for me. I could not have predicted how I would grow to love doing this practice and how much it has benefited me. I am feeling greater and greater ease in expressing myself authentically.  My live videos are much more engaging now. Someone said, "I can finally SEE and FEEL YOU." This is exactly the outcome I could have wished for. I am no longer just talking, I am relating and connecting. Thank you very much! Kundalini Yoga is a jewel, it's like magic. To anyone who is thinking about it, I urge you to give it a try. You will walk away feeling so many benefits you can't imagine yet.

    Lindsay, British Columbia/Canada


2019 dates coming soon
Time: TBA

Location: TBA

About Program

This unique workshop will explore the concept of self-love, the challenges facing women today and how to overcome them.

You will discover:

  • Why women are unique and need special consideration for self-care
  • How the chakra system works for self-love management
  • How to create self-love with:
    –  Breathing techniques
    –  Movement and postures (no flexibility or experience necessary)
    –  Meditation and relaxation

Program Benefits

  • Increased self-awareness and appreciation
  • Emotional balance and clarity
  • Practical stress relief and relaxation tools for future use