Teen Programs

These programs are designed for teenage girls who want to feel confident and happy so they can have fun and enjoy life!


All programs are fun, interactive and built with love to:

Guide you towards feeling confident, beautiful and happy with yourself

Increase self-acceptance and self-love

Explore how beauty can be created in different ways

Provide tools to reduce stress, anxiety and create balance

Current Programs

TEENAGERS (12-17 yrs)

School Holiday Workshop:
Shine Like A Girl

2019 Dates:
Coming soon

Coming Soon

About Program

This unique workshop will explore how to become a young woman who is calm, confident and strong.  It’s fun, interactive and a great way to know yourself better! You will discover:


  • How to build confidence for stronger self belief and resilience
  • How to decode media and advertising messages
  • How to redefine beauty
  • How to access a powerful beauty tool that every young woman has
  • How to manage feelings of stress and anxiety with:
    –  Breathing techniques
    –  Movement and postures (no flexibility or experience necessary)
    –  Meditation and relaxation

Program Benefits

  • Stronger self belief
  • Self acceptance and appreciation
  • Practical stress relief and relaxation tools for future use
  • Development of critical thinking skills


Please contact me for program recommendations.