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from within


4 in 5 women have low body-esteem

– Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 2016

The current reality…

As a woman today, you are busier than ever. With stress, anxiety and depression on the rise, life isn’t getting any easier.  More demands and the ‘expectation’ to do everything perfectly can create pain, disconnection and emotional imbalance.

Instead of feeling happy and energised, you may feel sad, confused or out of control.

Together, let’s create a better reality

I believe all women deserve the right to feel calm, energised and full of life so that they can reach their full potential.  When you begin to see yourself for the beautiful, unique person that you are, you will be unstoppable!

My classes and programs utilise Kundalini Yoga and meditation techniques including breath work, physical movement, meditation, and mantra to increase confidence, strength and vitality.  Drawing upon research and past success, you will receive lifestyle guidance to improve self awareness and emotional clarity.

You will feel:









Studies indicate that women who regularly use yoga or meditation positively associate with measures of mental and physical health.

Sibbritt, D. et al. (2011)

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What program participants are saying:

  • Mel is much more than just a yoga teacher, I would consider her a holistic lifestyle coach who cares deeply for her clients. She took the time to understand my needs and has helped me identify work-life balance. Through her consultative approach, she motivated me to start a meditation practice that I have found extremely beneficial. I highly recommend having a one-on-one with Mel.