Connect with the real you


Coping with stress, schoolwork and body image are the top 3 concerns for young women in Australia today

– Mission Australia Survey, 2016

Is this how you feel?

As a young woman today, you may be managing a range of self-confidence, beauty and body image challenges.

Life may not seem easy and you may feel unhappy about who you are.

Tools to support you

Together, let’s explore ways to feel happier living in this (sort of) crazy world!  With the millions of messages you receive from friends and social media every day, it’s natural to feel confused or like you don’t fit in.

These classes and programs encourage you to connect with the real you.

With yoga and meditation techniques like breathing exercises, postures and meditation you will pick up tools to reduce stress and calm yourself in challenging times so even things like studying will seem easier!  You’ll also discover how to create a supportive environment for you and your friends.

You will feel:









Studies suggest yoga can help young people cope with stress which helps them create life balance, physical well-being, and positive mental health.

– Hagen I. & Nayar U. (2014)

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What program participants are saying:

  • We thoroughly enjoyed Mel’s workshop for our teen girls. Her content is so thought provoking that even us leaders learned something! I'd have no hesitation recommending her programs! 

    Tara Youth Group Leader